Motorbike Modification

                                                             motorbike modification

Motorbike Modification

Engineering adjustments vary from quite simple to major adaptations. In my case the adaption is not very complex. The biggest problem is obviously that I no longer can use my left hand. The clutch is thus moved to the right handlebar.

Now I can operate the clutch with my thumb.

Instead I use one hand for the brake and clutch lever and I can use them both at the same time.  Also my motorcycle with the so-called combined braking system makes braking easier. The normal clutch is still (disconnected) on the original site. So you can hardly see the adaption. All the switches have changed to the right. Switches that I do not need when I am riding the bike are on the left hand side. These are so neatly done that you would have to look twice to notice the difference from original.  The left side of the handlebar is fitted with a hard plastic handle. This is suitable for attaching the motor prosthesis. Driving and operating the motorcycle is simple and requires little adjustment.

Adjusting the motorcycle requires a lot of thinking. Whenever you think you have found a solution to a problem then this leads to another problem because the space you need to work in is often limited and you must be very creative. Fortunately Rob Jansen (All-round Technical Assistant) is very capable of doing so. Every time he will come up with a perfect solution for every type of vehicle and adaptation. The appearance of the motorcycle will remain as much as possible the same.        

If you think you will never be able to ride a motorcycle again, you can always contact the MMvG. The team of specialists will help you further.