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How it all began and then continued.

From an early age onwards I have always had a special thing for machines that had two wheels and an engine. They have always caught my attention. Motorcycles would always catch my eye.

I could not wait until I got my own motorcycle license. In those days you could have an L plate on the motorbike and get your provisional license (this no longer exists in Holland).  After just a few lessons I was finally in possession of my motorbike license.  I was so proud; I couldn’t stop riding around on my first bike. A few years later I bought my very own Honda CB750K2 from 1975. I bought this bike as a wreck, and over the years I restored it (when I still had both my hands) and brought it back to showroom condition. It was beautiful and immaculate and riding it was a lot of fun. 

But then it all changed. I had an accident, and I lost my left hand.  My biggest fear was never to be able to ride a motorcycle again.


This site gives information about motorcycling with disabilities and hand prostheses. Explanation of possibilities, limitations, prosthetics, engine adjustments and more. Fortunately, it is still possible to continue driving, even with a disability 
I hope that everyone can be a source of inspiration that life continues happily, with a disability. So enjoy, I hope u will find this information usefully, a (still) happy biker.


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